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About Alycia

Alycia Debnam-Carey is an Australian actress known for Into the Storm (2014), The 100 and Fear the Walking Dead. Alycia was born 20 July 1993 and graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in 2011.

Alycia has appeared in several TV series including Martha's New Coat, McLeod's Daughters and pilot Galyntine. Alycia is currently starring in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead as Alicia Clark.

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New information regarding Alycia’s The 100 character Lexa, and Clarke has appeared. In addition, an interview Alycia did with FTWD co-star Kim Dickens at San Diego Comic Con has surfaced, and some new information regarding Alycia’s casting has come into light. Read more about it below.

Spoiler Room

Will Lexa and Clarke ever reconcile on The 100? — Timothy
Alycia Debnam-Carey certainly thinks so. “Lexa will make it happen one way or the other,” she says. “It might not be an easy reconciliation, but it’ll happen. If Lexa wants something, it’ll happen.” However, letting Clarke back in her life could be hazardous to Lexa’s health. “She’s opening up a wound again,” Debnam-Carey says, noting that Lexa will have a great entrance in season 3. “What happened last time when she was emotionally available, her lover was killed. It’s a very dangerous position to be in, but at the end of the day, she’s only human and she’ll have that human emotion.”


Countdown to Fear the Walking Dead: Kim Dickens & Alycia Debnam-Carey

Debnam-Carey: So I’m playing Alicia, which is the same character name, spelled differently though. She’s the golden child as Kim said. Frustratingly with ease, she’s succeeded in school, and she’s got a real future all planned out. She’s got a beautiful boyfriend, she’s going to Berkeley. She’s ready to get out of Los Angeles. It’s is a little bit of fractured home, dad’s passed away and brother’s gone off suffering addiction and I think she’s just ready to leave that drama. She’s got high hopes and that’s what makes the destruction of all of this so sad for her because she loses a lot.


Fear the Walking Dead EP on Working to Deliver a Satisfying Spinoff / Prequel

IGN: At the center of the show, you have Cliff and Kim. Can you talk about the casting of Alycia [Debnam-Carey] and Frank, as Kim’s kids? Because this family unit is obviously integral.

Erickson: We got lucky. Alycia had done a pilot for AMC a while ago and she worked with Greg [Nicotero]. We went through the process. They read. Frank was in London. We saw him on tape and he just had a wounded quality I found interesting. Alycia, you talk to her off camera she’s incredibly vivacious and buoyant and she feels like a teenager sometimes and when she’s on screen, she has this poise and this calm and directness and that’s kind of who this character was. Then we flew everybody in for chemistry reads and when they read together for the first time, it was one of those things where there was something there. I believe that they were brother and sister. I believed that they were emotionally invested in each other. It was just going through, having to look at a lot of people. Alycia did get in early because she was someone they liked at AMC.


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A new comic con interview for Fear the Walking Dead has surfaced, this one by TV Guide! Check it out below:


A new look at Fear The Walking Dead has been released on AMC’s official YouTube channel. Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd, and cast and crew members introduce the characters of the new series! Watch below:

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To prepare for the Fear the Walking Dead premiere this Sunday, Alycia recently participated in an international press junket in Los Angeles. A few interviews have surfaced, along with pictures. You can read highlights from the multiple interviews below. Photos from the press junket can be viewed here.

Onscreen siblings poised to be Next Big Things

On her character’s potential death: “If I die, I just want a good death, make it dramatic. I feel like we have a little bit of time. The first season was only six episodes, but you’re right, there seems to be a little bit of a theme at the moment, killing off main characters, so no one’s really safe.”

On a zombie apocalypse: ”I think I’d be okay. I say that with such confidence right now in the comfort of the Four Seasons Hotel. I’m good at being stealthy and hiding. I feel like I’d be swift on my toes and wouldn’t be easily caught by a zombie.”

Companion series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ takes audiences on a different journey

On her character: “The hard thing with her is that she comes from a very fractured family. She has a plan. She is going to get herself out of the situation and she’s ambitious, she’s smart, she’s got alot of hope and she is ready to start her life, but of course when this happens she is left with nothing and she falls very quickly and very hard.”

Executive producer Dave Erickson and actress Alycia Debnam-Carey discuss ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

On the feel of the show: Well I thought that – admittedly when I first like heard about the role, I was sort of like, I don’t know, are zombies really my thing? And my first impression was like, do you know Halloween Horror Nights in Universal City? They do this thing and it’s like yeah and you like willingly go and get yourself scared by like zombies and stuff and so the whole time I was just like adrenaline, anxiety and I was like, no. So my interpretation was like, do I want to do that every day? But then what drew me so much to this script is that they are regular people and that these are – you attach to the characters so quickly and the relationships and you are really rooting for them way before it becomes a life and death situation. And I think that that’s so important because I am a fan of the original show. It did take me a little bit of time to really find an attachment to some of those characters whereas this one I mean immediately loved the dynamics. I really appreciated that.”


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Alycia participated in round table interviews at this years San Diego Comic Con in July. Geekscape interviewed Alycia along with her Fear the Walking Dead co-star Kim Dickens. You can read highlights from the interview below, or click to read the entire article. Photos from the interview have also been added to the gallery, previews and links are available below.

Geekscape Interviews: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’s Kim Dickens And Alycia Debnam-Carey Talk About Human-Looking Walkers And More!

Question: So ladies, what can you tell us about your characters in the show?

Alycia Debnam-Carey: So, I play Alicia with the same character name as myself, which is kind of strange. But spelt differently so it is still a little different. [laughs] She’s kind of the weird sister with kind of frustrating needs. She’s the golden child as Kim has said and she’s an over-achiever. She’s in a really great position but she really wants out of Los Angeles. She kind of has a beautiful boyfriend and is ready to go to Berkeley. She’s from a bit of a broken home. She’s lost her dad and the brother’s a little wayward and gone off on his own. He’s suffering with addiction. She sort of feels like kind of caught up in the downward spiral in a way. Though she has a great love for the family, she just wants to get out.

Question: How soon in your show will be seeing walkers and things like that?Alycia Debnam-Carey: We’re uncovering it in a very different way. These zombies, these are not looking like what we already know in “The Walking Dead.” They’re not kind of like those zombies as we know it.

Question: How would you say that the style of “Fear the Walking Dead” is different from the style of “The Walking Dead?”

Alycia Debnam-Carey: The style is really different. The setting of Los Angeles makes it initially so, the environment is different. I look at it because I’m a fan of the original “The Walking Dead.” It has got a quiet provincial feel in a way. It’s rural, it’s out in the woods and it’s very pulled back or stripped back. This one is very urban. It’s the community, it’s the city, and it’s a cultural melting pot. It’s in every sense artistic as well. It feels very layered. The original of course is, too. This one is stacked with so many layers. You slowly start to see how that crumbles away.

Question: You’re a fan of the show. I mean how cool is it to get this role?

Alycia Debnam-Carey: Oh, it’s awesome. To be honest, I hadn’t watched it before and then I got the gig. Then at once I have to go and watch it now. It’s given me an excuse to like, binge-watch three weeks of amazing television. Then after that I very quickly fell in love with the show. It is such an amazing, complex drama and it’s almost like the walkers are like a side plot in a weird way. I think that’s how our show is great, too. It has so much dense drama, personal interactions and human dynamics and that for us I think is a real feast.

Question: How do you think a fan of “The Walking Dead” will react to “Fear the Walking Dead”?

Alycia Debnam-Carey: Whether they’ll love it or hate it I’m not sure. I think that it is so different. I think maybe that will be a little bit of a shock at first. It is very, very different. I think people will really come around to it especially by Episode 6 I think it will really get locked in. They’ll be like, wait a second. It’s a whole different game now!

Question: How would you cope? How would you fare?

Alycia Debnam-Carey: Badly. I think if there’s anything we’ve actually learned from this show it was, we would not do very well! [laughs]

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A new teaser promo has been released for Fear the Walking Dead called Lights Out LA. Alycia isn’t featured however you can still check the promo out below:

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