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Alycia Debnam-Carey is an Australian actress known for Into the Storm (2014), The 100 and Fear the Walking Dead. Alycia was born 20 July 1993 and graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in 2011.

Alycia has appeared in several TV series including McLeod's Daughters, Fear the Walking Dead and The 100. Alycia is currently starring in Hulu series Saint X.

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Alycia talks about Lexa gearing up for battle and her feelings for Clarke with Access Hollywood.

“It’s gonna be exciting,” Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays Grounder leader Lexa, told Access Hollywood this week, chatting over the phone from Australia. “It’s really exciting, fun stuff. We had a lot of extras and there were a lot of night shoots and it’s gonna be really fun for people.”

Previews hint that the scale of the conflict is even bigger than ones previously shown on the show.

“Each week, whatever we do, I’m always just baffled by the scale. It’s like, ‘How did we fit like 200 extras in here and five horses?’ I’m floored each week by how well it turns out too,” Alycia said. “The quality’s so great and everyone works so hard. Nothing is spared on effort and passion. Everyone’s in it and it’s such a wonderful environment to work in and everyone’s so hard working. It’s such a joy.”

While Lexa was described by Indra (Adina Porter) as “ruthless,” does Alycia’s character have any weaknesses?

“Obviously we’ve seen now this new connection with Clarke, and I think… Lexa is bound to her people and I think that’s what drives her and what she always aimed for is to be protective of them and to make sure they’re okay and it seems cold-hearted [in] front, but it’s the ultimate sacrifice to kind of put yourself up as this soundboard and this target for everyone else, to make all the right decisions, and all the wrong decisions to keep them safe,” she said.

“The worst thing that can probably happen is to lose any of them or for it to go badly, so she’ll do anything to protect them,” Alycia continued. “I think the new injection of the Arkans and the Sky People — that’s a really new change for Lexa to comprehend. She’s only really just beginning to see how they can work together and she’s the first leader that we’ve seen of the Grounders that’s been able to create some kind of peace too with everyone. She’s united the 12 clans and she’s been able to create some sort of peace and alliance with the Sky People. So there’s a lot of things going [on], but I think ultimately her allegiance is always to her people and she’ll do anything for that.”

The kiss between Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa revealed the two are attracted to each other, but there’s a war going on for survival, and it seems that will damper any plans for immediate further romance (not to mention Clarke is still hurting over Finn).

“Lexa and Clarke share many similar experiences and you know, Clarke has lost Finn, Lexa has lost Costia, which are both loves or ex-loves for them and they both had to sort of rise to the position of leadership even if it’s reluctantly, and face kind of the ultimate price of them being responsible for everyone,” Alycia said. “I think in many ways, what [that] creates is such a strong connection and bond and I think they are starting to really get to know each other and… understand one another, but the main focus is to definitely get this war done and dusted.”

The war will also involve Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), and Alycia suggested that character is definitely off of Lexa’s hit list thanks to Clarke.

“Because [Lexa’s] opened up to Clarke and has shown her trust now to her… she learning and picking up from Clarke probably, that she can sort of be a little bit more forgiving or be a little more adaptable to that change and realize that you still have to be able to live a little bit,” Alycia said. “And I think definitely what everyone’s been working towards this whole Season 2 is to get to this final battle as well, so I think that now that the Octavia and Lexa thing has been dealt with, Lexa is now just moving on to the big picture, which is the final battle really.”


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