Robert Kirkman spilled some details about his eagerly anticipated The Walking Dead companion series, as well as took a couple shots at DC Comics and even the medium of TV.

Appearing at panel titled “Creative Activism” at the South by Southwest conference in Austin on Saturday, the writer-producer was asked how his new spin-off* series will creatively fit with the comics and his existing Walking Dead flaghship series.

“It’s not going to relate to the comics at all,” Kirkman said. “From the beginning of the show one thing we’ve heard is, ‘What’s going on over here or there.’ So the intent of the new show is to expand that world and show another corner of the United States and what’s happening there. The timeline is taking place a little bit earlier timeframe than the original show. Rick Grimes woke up from a coma and was like, ‘Oh, man, zombies, weird!’ We’re going to possibly see that unfold a little more in the other show. But I wouldn’t call it ‘prequel’ because the entirety of the show is not going take place before [The Walking Dead]. It will eventually form a path running concurrently.”

That the two shows will eventually be unfolding at the same time is definitely interesting because it opens the door to the possibility to having characters cross over between the shows. Kirkman hinted there might be narrative connective tissue between the two shows, but only cited elements that would play out in the mind of the viewer and emphisized the shows would stand on their own.

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