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Alycia Debnam-Carey is an Australian actress known for Into the Storm (2014), The 100 and Fear the Walking Dead. Alycia was born 20 July 1993 and graduated from Newtown High School of the Performing Arts in 2011.

Alycia has appeared in several TV series including McLeod's Daughters, Fear the Walking Dead and The 100. Alycia is currently starring in Hulu series Saint X.

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Alycia’s upcoming series, originally titled “Fear the Walking Dead” and now untitled, will air it’s first trailer during The Talking Dead this Sunday after The Walking Dead Season 5 finale. Read the full release below:

While it still doesn’t have a name, The Walking Dead Spinoff will have its first promo on Sunday’s edition of The Talking Dead. Airing after the Walking Dead season 5 finale guests will include Norman Reedus and showrunner Scott Gimple.

The Walking Dead Spinoff is set to premiere sometime this summer and has already been approved for two seasons. The first season will only have 6 episodes, while the episode count for season 2 is still unknown. Hopefully it’s more than 6.

The world of the spinoff is quite different from TWD, but none-the-less very intriguing. The zombie apocalypse has begun but society has yet to grasp the implications. Zombies are treated as victims of an unknown contagion, while the CDC dispels rumors that the dead are walking.

The spinoff follows a highly dysfunctional family in Los Angeles as they come to grips with what is ‘really’ going on and begin to ponder survival in a world where the dead walk. Creator Robert Kirkman recently revealed that the Walking Dead spinoff, while starting as a prequel, will catch up with the current series. The zombie apocalypse in a gutted Los Angeles? Millions of zombies? Celebrity zombies? Yes please.

Talking Dead airs at 10:30pm EST, and if they follow suit with their episode sneak peeks the promo for the spinoff will probably run in the last 10 minutes of the show.  So much for going to bed early to meditate on the happenings of the Walking Dead finale.


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